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Friday, November 9, 2012

SIA share at S$8.65??

“We are not convinced that we will see a material earnings pickup over coming months,” Hong Kong-based Deutsche Bank AG analyst Joe Liew said in a note today. “We continue to see no reason to own the stock.” He recommends selling the stock and has a 12-month price forecast of S$8.65. That’s the lowest among 16 estimates compiled by Bloomberg".

Is Deutsche Bank AG analyst Joe Liew try to scare SQ shareholders?


SIA BIG Shareholder said...

Balls to that silly analyst who knows nuts. SIA share is worth at least S$11. These people want to scare the innocent shareholders to panic and get rid of the stocks. Then these pros will come in and scoop up the shares at a low price and keep them for a while and sell them at a higher price. Idiots!

Anonymous said...

farking big shareholder? u hold 1000 shares very big? lol.... limpeh hold 1000 lots.... and limpeh is BB together with macquerie syndicate one... we will make u die pain pain when we short sia down when it drops below 10then the game begins!!!..... u wait and see la farking pilot.... everyone knows u pilots tok big but lose big on shares one wahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Please don't talk so big, you know 1000 lots cost how much ? People with that kind of money don't talk this way and they certainly won't have the time and interest to come to this blog and comment.

Anonymous said...

IATA has issued a media report today in which it stated a matter-of-factly that airlines will stand to make a handsome profit of some USD16.6billion. This is based mainly on the declining price of crude oil. This forecast has been raised from that of last year and from all that we know, the price of oil is headed for another fall.

Without prejudice, I find the comments from the analyst biased and unprofessional. I am in sympathy with our first two bloggers but certainly do not condone the language used. In the unlikely event that the share price falls to $8.65, it will be another buying opportunity.

If the analyst had done the same thing to a stock listed in NYSE, he would have been targetted for a class action lawsuit. The Jews will never let this sort of frivolous verbal poison go unchallenged.