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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why some people are so "how liang" (boastful)?

At the same function I met a relatively young ex lady colleague. She is now working  for one of the biggest property developer in S'pore. Yup, this one is doing very well as a senior sales director. I was told by another ex colleague she is ranked as the 3rd most senior management personnel. Yet she avoided talking about her success in her new job.
Unlike the housing agent ex colleague who boasted the whole night about his success at selling properties, this lady preferred to talk about the good old times we spent in cabin crew division.
We are not naive after spending umpteen years in the airlines to be easily conned by the so called "good talkers".
There was another one who kept telling us how blessed he was. He went on to elaborate by telling us how much he is worth,in terms of money and the properties he owned.
The genuinely multi millionaire successful ex colleagues won't even bother to attend our function. They are probably too scared to meet us in case we asked for help.

Sometime I wonder why some people love to boast to others about themselves. Is it because of inferiority complex or is it because they have ulterior motives or both?


Anonymous said...

This trait is very common among some ex CC. Whenever they met up with ex colleagues they start boasting about their new found "success".

Anonymous said...

Why are ex cce very boastful?

chinkay poh said...

You mean the one who sold nasi lemak to por lumpar to get more funds for cabin crew nite?

I never understood the reasons why we needed to raise funds for cabin crew annual or biennial crew nights.

Someone told me it was CCE idea... to get all the tee kor to watch young gals ( and guys) prance around.

And to legitimise all this, they camouflage it all by inviting PPS.

What is the reason eh?