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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Biggest tip by a super generous passenger

Whenever the subject of tips surfaces, I would always think of a pax called Mr Yap from Indonesia. He was super rich and generous and he gave the crew lots of tips. He simply liked to make the crew happy.

I heard he once gave a crew a $10,000 tip for the inflight service rendered to him.
He once told the crew he had to spend $30,000 a day otherwise his bank account would "over flow" (dun know whether he was kidding or not).

Whenever he flew with us he would give tips for the whole set of crew ( B747 carried 18 cc). On the average each crew would get about $1,000.
During one of the night stops in SFO, Mr Yap entertained the crew in his hotel suite. He gave an IFS a stack of US100 dollar notes to tip the waiters whenever they bring food and drinks to the suite. This same IFS once told me he had seen Yap's brief case packed with stacks of 50 British pounds just like you would see it in the movies.
The late Tan Sri Eric Chia gave an ex-IFS $300,000 to settle his debts (the ex-IFS told me). Tan Sri was indeed very generous but only to certain crew.
Putting the subject of tips aside, the one who benefited the most out being a crew was Pauline. She is married to Robert who is one of the world's billionaires.

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