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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crew caught stealing aircraft liquor again?

" heard ifs on c i for asking junior crew to offload liquor in houston.ifs was 
ex ia active in dept activites but a stupid thing to do.some people never 
learn sacrificing his gratuity over some booze."

Above message was foward to me yesterday. 

Cabin crew jargon

isf means inflight supervisor

c i = company disciplinary inquiry

offload =  taking things off the aircraft (stealing)

ia = inflight auditor ( an appointment higher than ifs)

booze = liquor

gratuity = lump sum payment at retirement ( $50,000 for ifs retiring at 

age 60)

The ifs,chief stewards/stewardesses and leading crew are in charge of the 

bar items in their respective work areas.

In some cases, the ones in charge of the bar wrote of the liquor as 

"consumed" by the passengers and offload them to the hotels for their 

own consumption. 

Example: Opening stock of wines 5 bottles. Crew write off 3 bottles as 

"consumed" by paxs

Balance closing is 2 bottles. In reality, it could be only 1 bottle consumed 

by pax and the remaining 2 bottles being offloaded by crew for their own 

consumption or to sell them at outstations.

There were times when the crew in charge of the bar would coerce 

their juniors to offload the liquor for them. 

If the above ifs is found guilty of the offloading 

or coercing his junior to offload the liquor, 

he/she would be sacked and 

would have his/her gratuity forfeited.

In some countries, it would be a crime to offload 

liquors. The offenders could be fined or jailed or 

subject to both.

Latest update:

The place was not Houston but Moscow, Russia. It was a stewardess's 

father who complained against the ifs. It seems the ifs invited the 

stewardess to his room for a drink (the Whisky was from the aircraft). It is 

still unclear why the stewardess's father lodged the compliant. The ifs has 

since resigned. 


Stories From The Air said...

wah lau, just wondering where's the proof

Anonymous said...

No need proof la.SIA saved 50k by not giving him gratuity. Resign better otherwise how to face the crew. This one is a case of trying on the fss and with liquor from the a/c bar.

Anonymous said...

This chap sounds like a disciple of Ricky W. (A cheapo who wants everything for FREE ! )

Anonymous said...

There are many Ricky W.'s disciples around even after he has left many years ago lol