Friday, December 28, 2012

Did Schemer Pearl's dream come true?

Pearl was a tomboyish type of girl. She was brought up in a kampong somewhere in Malaysia. Pearl grew up to be a gorgeous young lady and was the heartthrob of all the boys' in her kampong. No way would she want to be in relationship with a simple kampong boy. She wanted to marry an extremely wealthy man.

When Pearl turned 20, she applied for the stewardess job in Singapore. She had all along wanted to leave her simple kampong and live in a big city like Hong Kong or Singapore. "London would even be better", she confessed to me.

I was her chief steward and we flew together quite a bit. She was tall,beautiful and friendly. Pearl was a superb stewardess. However, her intention from the very start was not to stay long in the airline but to hook a super rich tycoon and start a family together. I like flying with Pearl because many rich first class male passengers would wanna date her and that made my job much easier. Why "much easier"? Because everyone in the first class would be in a good mood. When you have a pretty face working with you,the passengers would behave like gentlemen. Don't forget in those days there were more men than women passengers.

As a chief steward on the Boeing 707, my work position was always in the first class cabin. Being the most senior cabin crew, I was also responsible for the economy class service. I used to favour Pearl a lot by allowing her to work in the first class most of the time. Did I get any favour in return? Nope, nope and nope!
Not even till today,many years later!

Pearl was a schemer actually. She made used of her trainer by going out and teasing him. He was a sucker and so were many of the passengers. She was a money-face woman in disguised. She manipulated men for her own gains. But Pearl was a clever devil.

On one of my flights, I found out an elderly passenger was dating her. He was a big business tycoon. He was a married man and thought of having a fling with Pearl,not realising she was throwing a bait at him.

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