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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Did Schemer Pearl's dream come true ? pt. 2

The bait Pearl used was a fresh live bait. Any angler or fisherman knows that to catch a good sized nice fish, one would have to use a fresh live bait. The best result is for the fish to swallow all i.e hook, line and sinker as well.
The passenger was so intoxicated with Pearl's tender loving care as well as her sexy looks that he proposed to keep her as his mistress. He would reward her with money and all the luxury he had at his disposal. But Pearl refused and completely rejected his offer. She did not want to play second fiddle she told me. She wanted him to leave his wife and marry her. That was Pearl's condition to him (let me call him Pierce).
I asked Pearl whether she had gone to bed with Pierce. She told me she would have been stupid to do that. She was seducing him with all her charms,she told me. "No marriage no deal", Pearl told me.
A month later, Pearl and I was rostered for the same flight to London. In the first class cabin was Pierce. He booked himself on that London flight. Throughout the flight he was drooling over the sexy Pearl.
When we arrived at London, Pierce booked himself a room in the same hotel that we stayed. In fact, he had a room facing Pearl's.
Pierce invited Pearl,myself and another good looking stewardess to dinner in a posh restaurant that night. He picked us up in the evening in his new spanking Mercedes Benz. We had a good time that night.
During the three night stay in London, Pierce spent his time courting Pearl. I don't really know what they did except that Pearl did not submit to Pierce in bed ( she told me on the flight back to Singapore).
After that London flight, I did not meet nor flew with Pearl for a few months. The next thing I heard, Pearl had suddenly left the airline. She wanted to be away from Pierce and everybody. She was "broken hearted", I was told.
Meanwhile, Pierce had engaged a private investigator to trace the Pearl's whereabouts. In a matter of days, the PI found Pearl.
The next thing I knew, Pearl was pregnant with Pierce's baby. We had a chat and Pearl admitted she had gone to bed with Pierce but not without a good reason. It seemed Pierce had given her $500,000 and promised to leave his wife and marry her at a later date.
Sometime later, Pearl had a baby girl. With the money Pierce gave her, she was quite contented to wait for him. Later on, Pearl was made pregnant again by Pierce. This time the gift was a cool million bucks. They had a baby boy.

One day, the "good" news arrived. Pierce's wife agreed to settle for a divorce and let Pierce marry Pearl. Of course Pierce's wife was disappointed with him but she loved Pierce too much not to let her have Pearl. That was a big sacrifice Pierce's wife made for the sake of the loving and inseparable couple.

The story would have had a happy ending (for me at least) if not for the death of Pierce's ex wife two years later. Apparently she died of ovarian cancer.


Jacky said...

Aiyo sad lah. Btw is tat Pierce handsome?

Boh Tong said...

Pierce was not as handsome as me ( now u can imagine how bad he Pearl did not care about looks but cared about $$$$ and P has billions!