Saturday, December 8, 2012

Foreign crew better off with SIA.

If you are a foreigner, you will be better off working for Singapore Airlines than some companies in Singapore. I won't be talking about pilots, managers,admin staff,engineers etc who are foreigners. I am talking about Cabin crew from China,India,Malaysia etc who are being paid the same salary as their Singaporean colleagues.

Before I get started I want to make it clear that my former employer reaches out to the foreign cabin crew wannabes not because of cost cutting measure nor to exploit the abundance of cheap labour in places like China,India, Indonesia etc.
It has more to do with the shortage of suitable of people in Singapore to do the job. To prove my point, SIA pays the same salary to all foreign cabin crew and not a cent less than their Singapore colleagues. In fact, SIA pays more for the Japanese and Korean stewardess (S$600 more in basic salary plus a monthly housing allowance of $700 and a 6 month summer & winter bonus).

The average take home pay for a cabin crew is about S$4,000 per month. Convert it to Malaysian Ringgit at 2.5x a Malaysian crew earns MYR10,000 per month. The Malaysian crew is better of than his or her country political secretary who salary is MYR 5,700 per month. The prime minister is paid MYR 22,800.

A PRC (China)stewardess working for SIA is paid 20,000 CNY. The PRC president is paid 5,500 CNY per month which is about 28% of a stewardess monthly salary. The rate of exchange is about 5 CNY to S$1.....for currency exchange click here

An Indian stewardess with SIA is paid about 180,000 INR a month whereas her prime minister is paid 18,600 INR (10.4 % of the stewardess's pay) here for salaries of world leaders.

The Indonesian stewardess is paid half of her president monthly salary.


Lol said...

Hahaha boh tong. What are u saying. Come on i'm flying and i know better. Indian stewardess do indian flights and sfo at times. One indian flight allowance how much only. Dont exaggerate ba

Tony Sin said...

My dear LOL do u know that Indian stewardesses also work on the same flight patterns as the local stewardesses? SIA is its ads says the salary of the Indian stewardesses are 3.5k which is the same as that of S'porean,Malaysian,Indonesian stewardesses. Indian stewardesses do not necessarily operate the Indian flights only. They also operate on flights to LHR,LAX,SFO,NRT etc. Boo to u ignorant cc!

Anonymous said...

Boo tony

Anonymous said...

Boh is rather accurate with the figures. He has done his homework very well.

Anonymous said...

what is yaw kwee please?

Anonymous said...

Yaw Kwee = greedy in Hokkien.

Anonymous said...

Presently Thai, Indian, Hong Kong, are mainly operating most of the intercontinental flight, on my recent flight to Amsterdam, there was a Chinese stewardess from Harbin, she was working on SQ 324, foreign crew able to passed the English test by the British council, they will be able to operates flight just like their Singaporean/Malaysian colleagues, the only different is she is wearing a gold color name tag while her colleague is the usual black.
Occasionally, some foreign crew were call up for DPS turn, had many times met Korean & Japanese crew on board, was told there were many Jap & Korean on those DPS flight, recently was told there were approximately 200 Thai crew, but to surprises, I have never met one before on my BKK run but instead they were on my CAI turn flight.