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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I feel sorry for them.....

Recently, I got a text message from an ex cabin crew whom I knew quite well informing me that he would be serving his time behind the bars for a crime he committed a few years ago. "Que sera sera whatever will be will be..." he texted me. "If you don't hear from me over the next few days,then you will know that I will spending my time in an east coast villa", he said in his text. The villa to our understanding is the prison in the eastern part of the island. How many years or weeks will he be spending in the villa is one's guess. The verdict will be out soon.

I met one retired supervisor in a shopping mall a couple of months ago. He tried to avoid me but I managed to stop and talked to him. He was a bubbly character when he was a crew. I like working with him and whenever we night stopped overseas, we would spend time together. He was a joker and was fun to have around. But now, he is different. He didn't say much besides telling he was a taxi driver and was in a great hurry delivering some goods to a shop at the mall. I let him go and we did not have a conversation except the above.
Later, I found out he was made a bankrupt because of his financial woes. He was a gambler and had lost all his retirement money. His family has thrown him out of their house. He was a broken man.

Another supervisor who was the biggest money lender had a double stroke which left him paralysed. All the millions he made from money lending and properties was squandered by his wife through stock speculation.

Not many crew knew about Alan the supervisor who hung himself in a New Zealand park. Alan left the airline when he was in his forties. He had made a lot of money from his SIA shares. Being the only child, he also inherited more than 2 millions worth of assets when his parents died. He immigrated to Australia and later to NZ. In Australia he was seen driving a Ferrari.
Why did Alan committed suicide is anyone's guess.
Why did Tony, Terry some other crew committed suicide?

The chief stewardess who killed her lover's daughter is still serving her time in Changi Prison. She was a lovely crew but luck was not on her side. She got involved with a poor married man who refused to return the money he owed her.

What about those who died in the SQ 006 Taipei plane crash? They died trying to earn a decent living. I also sympathise with their loved ones whom they left behind.

There was a stewardess by the name of Patricia. Someone found her corpse along the road. She died of drug overdoes. She wasn't married nor had a family.

Others died from illnesses like cancer and heart attacks. Crew like Augustine, Kenneth, David, Andrew and others died at a relatively young age.

I felt sorry for Dorai the ex union chief. He got lots of things for the crew eg. the renewal of contracts & gratuities for stewardesses. Pay rises and bonuses for crew across the board etc etc. When he was down with cancer none of the 7,000 cc was  there to comfort him. It was the same when he died. Btw Dorai was our ex supervisor.

You may think I sound pessimistic this morning and yes you are not wrong. In my lifetime (66 years), I had seen and heard too much. There were more miseries inflicted on the crew, not to mention other people around the world, than happiness.

Perhaps in my next topic I should blog about the nice things that the crew had experienced.
Meanwhile, I have uploaded a song "Sukiyaki" sung by The Blue Diamonds for your listening pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Last month ex LS Edward Benjamin who left SQ & migrated to Australia, about 15 yrs ago, committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. He was with his wife on the platform when he did it.

MC said...

No lah he died in a car crash. Don't believe me then ask smokey Joe.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Smokey Joe? That bugger only knows how to tell jokes & drink lah ....