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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tell the truth and shame the devil

 A lady ( she is a non SQ staff) whom I met at a function recently was full of praise for that ex svp. She asked whether I've worked under him whom she claimed to know well. I replied in the positive.
It was in London that the lady met my ex-svp. He was in charged of the airline London operation before returning to Singapore to be my boss. She told me how helpful he was to her when she was a passenger on our airline. I remained quiet throughout the one way conversation. She sensed something was wrong and asked me if I would agree with her statement that the svp was a helpful guy. I nodded my head in agreement but said nothing. She kept praising my ex svp and I thought to myself that enough was enough. Then I started to open my mouth and told her all I knew about that man. She was stunned.
I told the lady that my ex svp was a nice person and rather helpful with his passengers. What the lady didn't know was that this svp was a gutless boss and one who lacked basic principles. I then went on to relate an incidence that happened a long time ago. At the end of my story,she asked me was it alright if she mention what I've told her to that ex boss of mine. I asked her to go ahead and also to mention my name.
A week later, I met the same lady at another function. She remembered me and asked me to pose a photo for her so she could show it to my ex boss. I agreed and she asked a friend to snap a photo of us standing next to each other.
I told that lady I was prepared to stand by my story,come what may. She smiled and nodded her head.

If we are telling the truth, we should not be afraid of whatever action others would take against us. I believe in the saying "tell the truth and shame the devil" and this is what I am going to do all the remaining part of my life.

BT: Eddie "J", another cabin crew ex-svp pointed out to me that he knew I blogged about him. "But it's all about the good you have done when you were with us", I replied. However,I told him I will delete the post about him if it was an issue to which he smiled at me. He meant to say that I don't have to delete it.


Anonymous said...

You do not have to wait for the results of the polls. It is your blog and you may say whatever you like as long as you do not incriminate yourself by mentioning someone's name or names.
Sir, I salute you for such an awesome blog that reveals the true colours of people in the airlines.

Anonymous said...

In most countries you will be taken to task for lying.

However in Singapore you will be Punished for telling the truth.


boh tong said...

Thank u Anonymous and Karma for your comments. I totally agree with both of u.

Anonymous said...

Bohtong you are very interactive with your readers.You seek their opinions regarding topics in your blog and that is encouraging. I don't see the reasons for people to discredit you like polling your blog as controversial and childish.