Monday, December 17, 2012

On the run but for how long? Part 2

Joe was the envy of cabin crew. He was young,rugged and macho looking. Besides, he was relatively rich and a happy-go-lucky type of person. He used to change cars like changing underwear. Joe had many friends among the crew and even a "Bull Dog" who followed him faithfully.
Things went on very well for Joe but by the early 1990s things began to change. "Easy come easy go" as the saying goes. Joe lost his fortune through other forms of gambling like playing dice or "pai kow". He also lost a lot of money by betting on football. His big boss was also in bad shape financially speaking.
When Joe started losing his fortune, "Bull Dog" and others "siyam" or avoided him. Joe began borrowing money from the banks and loan sharks. Unable to repay his loans, he was made a bankrupt. The loan sharks were after him. To make matter worse, he was sacked from SIA due to "misconduct".
He couldn't settle his debts with some his friends, let alone settled with the sharks and so he fled to Malaysia.
Joe's had a good personality and soon got into the good books of the KL gangster leaders. His spoken and written English was good. The gangsters recruited him as their "legal officer". He also oversaw the running of their casinos and loan sharking operation. Joe was paid handsomely. No matter how much he earned, it was not enough to feed his gambling habits.
One day he fell ill. He had serious health issue and to seek better medical treatment, he returned to Singapore.
He was then arrested by the Singapore police for a CBT case some years ago. He was willing to serve time in the prison here in return for good medical care.
It was indeed a sad story but one which we could learn from Joe's mistakes or failings.

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