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Saturday, December 1, 2012

SMRT bus drivers' action reminds me ........

With the impending arrival of the Jumbo jets (B747) back in 1974, SIA cabin crew upgraded 18 of its most senior chief stewards to supervise and run the entire  inflight service on its flight.
Yet, all SIA did was to pay these 18 scs (senior chief stewards) an extra allowance of S$75 each month. From overseeing a cabin of 142 paxs on the B707 and a crew of 6 to 400 pax and a crew complement of 18, the scs positon was considered an appointment rather than a promotion.

They sought the union's help but to no avail. They were left to fight their own cause. The company warned these 18 scs they would be sacked if they insisted on fighting for their "lost" cause.

The 18 scs engaged a lawyer and sought his advice. A letter was submitted to the company asking it to re-consider their request for a promotion rather than an appointment. With promotion the salary would be higher but with an appointment the salary scale would be that of a chief steward which was lower.

The company refused to give in but instead warned the scs they would be fired if they did not comply with the company's order to fly as scs and accept the $75 as a monthly allowance.

The 18 agreed among themselves not to accept the position of the scs and remain as chief stewards on the smaller B707.  It did not trouble the company much as it could get the next 18 more junior chiefs to operate as scs. To its dismay, the next 18 in line refused to accept the position of the scs.

SIA cabin crew finally realised that the more junior chiefs may not have the neccessary exprience to manage the B747. SIA relented and created the position of inflight supervisor for the 18 scs.

Do you think the above action was  similiar to that of the SMRT bus drivers?


Anonymous said...

What the IFS did was correct. SQ was exploiting you guys.

Anonymous said...

Courageous but quite risky action.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine if the 18 went to jail

boh tong said...

I was one of them ...hehehe

Jacky said...

Boh Tong, you were so brave. All workers should stay united or the company will just 'eat u'. Haha.

Boh Tong said...

Jacky I wasn't brave but naive la...luckily didn't kena sack or go to jail (but our lawyer told us what we did was within the law)