Thursday, December 6, 2012

SMRT bus drivers' action reminds me...part 2

The London flight was a tough and tiring flight to work on. The cabin crew had to work many sectors before having a stop at London. There was no such a thing as "crew rest" during the flight like we have now. Everyone must be on their feet throughout the entire flight.
The pattern was like this:
SIN/BKK/BAH-----night stop 3 days
BAH/ROM/AMS/LON....stop 3 days ( 1 of the 3 days the crew will be put on standby duty)
After leaving London 3 days later it's was vice versa.

In 1975 and 1976 the management decided to reduced the London stay by 1 day. So the crew would have 1 off day and 1 day standby duty.

Negotiation with management to take the standby duty off the pattern failed.

Then the crew collectively took action by reporting sick in London on check out day. Out of the 19 cabin crew on 1 jumbo flight (B747) at least 10  crew would resort to taking MC in London.
With lesser crew, the flight could not take off due to safety requirement. There was no long delay as far as I can remember because the airline could somehow managed to use the standby crew.
After a month or so, seeing the reduction of the London stay demoralised the crew tremendously, the management reverted to the status-quo.

Was the above action similar to that of the SMRT drivers?

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