Thursday, January 3, 2013

$500,000 for few months?

Yup that's "4 gold bars" or epaulets if you wanna call them. That's what the captains of airlines have on their shoulders. Sometime it is known as a "chip" on their shoulders (meaning click here). These chips don't come cheap. Ask our CEO whether it's true or not.
A senior captain with SIA on the average is paid around $23,000 a month (not including allowances). With all allowances included it could go up to $26,000
( that's the reason he is not allowed to buy an EC).
I heard a captain with a few months left to his retirement was paid about $500,000 as a compensation for being certified "unfit" to fly ( they call it being medically boarded out). It took me 7 years as a cabin crew executive to earn the same amount.
One consolation is that although people like me had to struggle to earn that same amount, I am qualified to buy a HDB flat or an EC.
In reality, the cockpit crew were not allowed to buy a HDB flat from the very start because of their high salary. But this turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them. The were forced to buy landed properties and condominiums when they started off as co-pilots and by the time they were promoted as captains, the prices of their private properties soared sky high. This is a big bonus for them.
You do not hear these people living in government subsidised HDB flats do you?


Anonymous said...

This capt is fortunate in the sense that his colleagues are asked to go on no pay leave.

Boh Tong said...

Yup this capt is very lucky cos he could have been on the retrenchment list if SQ biz turns bad.