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Friday, January 18, 2013

A steward was sacked today for........

He posted something he was not supposed to in his Facebook and that cost him his job. SIA has warned it's crew not to post anything about work in the social media like Facebook, blogs etc. However, some of the crew still "flout" the rule and pay for it with their job.
Two more crew will be in the firing line too in the coming weeks for posting something about their work.
 I was once told not to use SIA's logo or material belonging to the airline in my blog. Cabin crew management  had cautioned the crew not to talk to me. So now I am like a pariah to the existing crew who will keep me at arm's length. No wonder, I do not have any more fresh information or news of what is going on in cabin crew....or do I ?

A  crew will get the "boot" if he or she posts something like the one below in his or her personal blog or Facebook.

                     BT: To view the bigger version please click on the images.


Activist Rights said...

SIA is pretty petty. Wish I could help the steward and any crew who are facing a sack because of the social media.

SQ Manager CPL said...

Dear Activist balik kumpong (get lost)and don't interfere it is not your bizness

Stories said...

Allamak. Got sack, just talk more.

Anonymous said...

earning 2k only? seriously?

Anonymous said...

A lot,at 15 got sacked because of weak cabin crew union.