Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A tribute to SIA, my former employer

SIA, xie xie, and thank you
Me 'O' level not from the U
 You make me a cabin crew
A kampong boy so suaku
I was a pioneer with SIA
When you split from MSA
Kept me for many donkey years
I worked without much tears
Always enjoyed my time
Cos SIA is always kind
Sad to leave in 2003  
But it's not all for free
Paid me 25 months salary
That made me very happy
With free tickets some more
SIA, my darling I adore
Free travel for life
For me and my wife
I thank you for ur loving care
Till we bought your "heirloom" share
At 17 we thought it's a good buy
Now at 11 we keep asking why
Stupid to buy at a price so high
Now I have to sell and say good-bye.

BT: Former SIA chairman J.Y. Pillay used to tell the staff the SIA shares are "Family Heirloom".


Anonymous said...

i heard now the free travel for life no more liao, for those tt retire in recent years. is it true?

SQ VP said...

Free travel for SATS employees has been discontinued for new staff.

Jacky said...

Boh Tong you are really lucky and blessed to enjoy these benefits. Now newcomers can't. Your generation really get to enjoy your fruit of labour.

boh tong said...

Jacky that's why I came out with this poem about SIA

Edmond said...

Great Poetry.

Jacky said...

Just wondering, do u also get to travel in SIA first class cabin as a customer?

boh tong said...

If I pay for first class travel then I will travel fist class. The yearly free tickets for me & wifey are only for economy.