Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Away from airline stories for a while

As a true blooded Singaporean, it is only befitting of me to spend some time on the Punggol  By Election in this blog of mine.
I have watched CNA "live" on the filling of the nomination papers by the 4 political parties contesting the election this morning.
CNA, I felt had spent more time focusing on the PAP's Dr Koh. Lesser time was focus on the opposition. I am not saying CNA was favouring Dr Koh over the other political parties. Perhaps, Dr Koh looked more interesting than the others.
I admired Dr Koh for the way he portrayed himself over the media. He was suave and looked like one who could connect with the votes in Punggol East. He was serious looking and yet one could feel the "soft" side of him.

As for WP's candidate Lee Li Lian, she appeared to be pleasant and charming. I thought she spoke a bit too fast. She is relatively young compared to the other 3 candidates. She did very well at the last election in the same constituency garnering 41% against PAP's candidate Michael Palmer's 54.5% of the total votes. As we know Palmer resigned from his MP post due to his extramarital affair with one of his female co-workers.

Turning to the other opposition candidates, I hope they will garner enough votes so as not to lose their $16,000 deposit.
The contest is on and will closed on the evening of 26 January, 10 days from today. I wish all the candidates the best of luck and may the voters of PE pick the right person to serve them.

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