Monday, January 7, 2013

He wants to help SIA

While on a recent trip to Germany, I visited the Mercedez Museum in the Mercedez Benz Corp. HQ. Then, one idea come up. It is called SIA Museum. Can we set up one in Terminal 3? I am sure we can display old airplanes (or kalang guni parts, diecast models also can), cabin crew & pilot uniforms, old luggage, old cups, food tray, seats, bassinets, air tickets, boarding pass even plastic food model like Japanese restaurants. There are many examples like this but smaller scales in other airports (e.g., Las Vegas). Wait, not just fixed unmovable exhibits. I am also sure retired crew (esp. Uncle Bohtong) will be happy to come back once in a while to give talk of the good old days. I once visited a decommissioned US aircraft carrier, and the tour guide was a retired US Navy Officer who told us all the personal stories while he was serving in that ship. It was an unforgetable experience. If SIA is keen, I suggest whoever in charge of the project pays a visit to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. There, you actually see the real rockets, space shuttles, astronaut uniform, food, launch control center etc etc. I will leave the rest to Bohtong to work out the business plan.

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Can Bohtong cope?