Friday, January 11, 2013

Shall sleep no more: Macbeth shall sleep no more!’

" I am trying to find a singapore airline cabin crew/pilot/flight-attendant that lost their finger ring at the "Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Australia" hotel during their stay in their. I found that ring, and thought it was not worthy of anything, so was left by the person. But when the ring was reported as lost by that person and he/she wanted to have it back, i was not able to find it. This had happenned sometime between June,2003 and October, 2004. I have recently found that ring and feel guilty, as I have done wrong by not returning the ring straight away. If anyone of you know a crew that had lost their finger ring at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Australia around June,2003 and October, 2004, then please pass on the message. I wish to return this ring. It is a silver color ring."

BT: This person is really feeling guilty. He has kept the ring which belonged to a SIA crew for almost 10 years. I believe he was working at the Melbourne hotel at that time. Now, the act of unlawfully keeping the ring is pricking his conscience so badly that he wants to return the ring to its owner.
I don't know whether we could help him find the owner of that ring because he/she may have left the airline or don't even visit this blog or the forum whereby this message was posted.
This was a quote from a poem by the famous poet William Wordsworth on guilt: "From the body of one guilty deed a thousand ghostly fears and haunting thoughts proceed". I hope we could help this person get rid of his guilt.


Anonymous said...

Help her rid of her guilt? Give the ring to me then lol

Boh Tong said...

Giving back the ring to the rightful owner would help her erase her guilt. Getting rid of it would not help in any way. This is no joking matter. It is a very serious issue and I hope you will think carefully before commenting. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

BT results of the Worlds safest Airline..........

SQ is not even in the top 10.


Boh Tong said...

Thanks Karma.