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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Intern as cabin crew

Personally, I think SIA cabin crew division is going in the right direction by agreeing to recruit and train intern cabin crew from the polys. These students are studying hospitality and to become cabin crew, especially with Singapore Airlines is their dream comes true. After all, serving people is their passion isn't it? Well if flying and serving is their passion,they must make a commitment to SIA that they will strive to do their best to pull up the service standard. Otherwise, they should be booted out.
Recruiting others could be a risky business. The wannabes will tell the interviewers they are passionate about serving people bla, bla,bla but as usual SIA will eventually find out these people are in for the money and the glamour of flying with one of the world's best airlines.
During the course of their flying career, many will resort to taking medical leave at the slightest excuse. They would invite complaints from passengers and some would even bring the airline to disrepute by stealing liquors,shopping lifting and commit other petty crimes at home and abroad.
Cabin crew division needs an overhaul badly. I can't imagine the service could have slid to number 3 in the Skytrax survey. Now don't come and tell me Skytrax is a garbage airline research establishment . They have  more than 10 million members and is a respectable company. People pay attention to what they say.
It is time SIA puts on its thinking cap and do what is right!

More on internship from polys:

SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) has recruited 10 students from Republic Polytechnic for work attachments as cabin crew. As part of a new initiative, the airline has also tied up with Temasek and Nanyang polytechnics to tap their students to meet its manpower needs. Selected candidates will undergo a six-month internship during their final year, after which they will fly full-time. To continue reading click here


Anonymous said...

Hello BT, perhaps you could also blog about the recent cut in allowances vs. crew morale?

boh tong said...

I dun know much about the cut in allowances but I do know crew morale is rock bottom.

Snowy Beagle said...

BT, first of all, I think the ranking is no indicator of an airline's profitability.

Second, even with a wide pool of respondents, very few pax actually travel on more than 5 different airlines, much less 10, to be able to rank all the airlines.

Third, let's look at their results more closely.

Discounting regional categories and premium economy categories, I looked at the respective rankings of SQ, QR and OZ in the following categories which I think are most apt, and where they go head to head against each other.

1. Best Inflight Entertainment : SQ #3, QR #4, OZ not in top 10.
2. Best Cabin Staff : OZ #2, SQ #4, QR #7
3. Best P Class : SQ #2, QR #6, OZ not in top 10
4. Best J Class : QR #2, SQ #4, OZ not in top 10
5. Best P Class : SQ #1, QR #2, OZ #3
6. P Catering : SQ #4, QR #5, OZ not in top 10
7. J Catering : QR #3, SQ/OZ not in top 10
8. Y Catering : SQ #1, QR #3, OZ #4
9. P Seats : SQ #2, QR/OZ not in top 10
10. J Seats: QR #3, SQ #4, OZ #6
11. Y Seats: OZ #1, QR #2, SQ #3

SQ outranked QR in 7 out of 11 categories above. OZ don't make it to top 10 in 7 out of 11 categories.

If there's an impt category I left out, pls point it out to me.

If we give 10 points for #1, down to 1 point for #10, SQ would score 82 out of 110, QR 73/110 and OZ 34/110.

Obviously, SKYTRAX do it differently, but I am unable to see how SQ could pip QR in most categories where the 2 can be compared and still fall behind so far, while OZ which didn't figure in the significant categories also pip SQ.

I'm not saying SKYTRAX cheated - I'm saying how they do it don't necessarily correspond to the most intuitive expectation, understanding or interpretation.

Snowy Beagle said...

Sorry, 1 typo:
should be
5. Best Y Class : SQ #1, QR #2, OZ #3