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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is the PAP in danger of losing Punggol East?

Although my earlier analysis suggested it was difficult for the WP to capture the Punggol East ward, I now feel a little uncomfortable. Never before have I seen such a big crowd at an opposition rally like the one WP had last night. It was bigger than the previous WP rally. The estimated size was 8,000. The previous  one was 5,000. In comparison,the last PAP rally saw a small crowd of only 550 people. Will the crowd size be an indication of the result of the election which will be made known by 26 January evening? If the answer is a "yes", then PAP is in trouble not only for this by-election but GE 2016.

The polls on the right side of this blog points to a strong WP victory.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing such a balanced perspective on the election. It is good to know things like the size of the crowd from a reliable source like yourself. I will be keenly watching the events unfold.

Anonymous said...

Not necessary. Supporters of opposition party will travel across Singapore to vent frustration and join in the fun. They may not have voting right. We shall see.

Jacky said...

Hey boh tong u went to watch the WP rally? Do u need to vote?

boh tong said...

No I did attend the rally and I don't have to vote this time.