Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now SIA captains are asked to go on leave.

It is a good move for SIA to asked its captains to go on no pay leave. It will helped SIA save some money. After all there is a surplus of captains and first officers. The latter were asked to take no pay leave last March and now it's the captains' turn.
Assuming the monthly salary of a captain is $20,000 (inclusive of SIA contribution of CPF) and if 50 captains were to take no pay leave it will save SIA $1 million per month. Over a period of a year, the savings is $12 million.
If 50 first officers were to go on no pay leave it will save SIA $6 million a year
(assuming a f/o pay is $10,000).
Therefore the total savings will be $18 million a year and that is quite a substantial
Currently SIA has more than 2,400 captains and first officers. 100 pilots is only 4.16% of the number of pilots.

BT: Above is my estimation and may not be necessarily accurate.

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