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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sexual harassment again,when will they ever learn?

You won't believe this but it may be true. A senior steward is now under investigation for the above. It was alleged he shine a touch light at a stewardess's private part and whacked another with a rolled paper on her breast.
If the above is found to be true, the steward would be fired from his job. Not only that, he would be probably charged for sexual harassment if the victim or victims file a police report.
The stewards should learned that the stewardesses of today will jump at the slightest excuse and cry "sexual harassment" and get them a sack!
Some time back, a steward playfully shove a banana at the stewardess's butt and was fired from his job. Another was demoted for showing a vulgar sign behind the stewardess's back. One was warned not to use terms like "condom" or "French cap" when talking to stewardesses.
Let us wait and see what will be the outcome of the investigation.


Anonymous said...

SG has been doing this for a far too long time. Finally it has caught up with him. Fortunately he is close to retirement. Another free ticket and gratutity savings for SQ.

Unknown said...

That news is saddening. Where shall we place ourselves after hearing sexual harassment in almost all places. I am not a attorney of sexual harassment, but I completely understand how this particular offense leaves an impact to both the victim and the bad guy.