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Thursday, January 31, 2013

SIA to axe 76 pilots due to surplus

SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) said on Wednesday that it has taken the difficult decision of asking 76 pilots on fixed-term contracts to leave by end of June. It said in a statement that it is releasing them before their contracts expire.

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Anonymous said...

How about cabin crew? Recruitment is still on going

boh tong said...

CC is always in short supply so no worries mate!

Anonymous said...

how come there are tons and tons of cc recruitments in recent years? last time even when turnover rate is high, there are only 3, at most 4 recruitments in a year.

Anonymous said...

SQ currently is still shortage of cabin crew, especially junior crew in Blue, with 19 A380 flying everyday, every flight is 22 crews, SQ26/25 would required approximately 90 crews a day.
On my recent flight to HKG on a A330 airbus, chief steward is working in the galley, there were 4 chief on that flight, was told by one, they were been call up on standby.
They are still very selective in their recruitment, therefore so many interview in Singapore & Asia countries