Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This IFS upgraded capt's son & friend

This IFS (Inflight Supervisor) in cahoot with the captain upgraded the Captain's son and friend to the business class. The difference in fare for the two of them would be about $2,000.
Unfortunately for the IFS and Capt, I was also working on the flight. They thought I was like some of my colleagues who did not know what was going on.
Usually, I would count the number of business and first class passengers on my flight and make sure the numbers tally with that stated on the load sheet and the passenger information sheet or PIS.
On that particular flight to BNE I noticed there were two extra passengers in the business class. I asked the IFS about the two passengers and he replied that the ground staff had made a mistake by not stating their names in the PIS. I was unconvinced because the system was computerised and very seldom had such error. Moreover, the load sheet also had the breakdown of the number of passengers in different classes.
I let the IFS continued with his work and when the dinner service was over, I questioned him again. He started to get nervous and admitted he had upgraded the two passengers on the instruction of the Captain who was flying the plane.
He hurriedly went into the cockpit and told the Captain that I knew about the upgrading.
Just to enlighten you a bit, SIA has this strict rule about upgrading. No one, including the captain of the flight has the authority to upgrade any passenger. An exception which would be accepted by SIA is when there is a serious medical condition eg. an economy class passenger had a heart attack and is in need of more cabin space (if economy is full or crowded). The Capt and IFS would then have to write a report explaining the necessity of the upgrading.

Coming back to my story, the Capt summoned me to the cockpit and explained to me about the upgrading. I told him as the commander of the flight he need not have to explain to me. All he had to do was to write a report justifying the upgrading, I told him.

Within the next 10 minutes, the IFS directed the passenger to his economy seat and the Capt's son to a cockpit seat. " Can we close the case now?" the Capt asked me. I agreed. By agreeing to close the case, it meant that we do not have to write the report about the upgrading.

After the flight had landed in BNE, the Capt asked the IFS and myself to see him. It was at the airport arrival area. He told me he had to "brief me" and the IFS regarding the matter. "I thought the matter was closed !" I told him.
He did not reply but instead chided the IFS for not having the "balls" to stand up to me. He scolded the IFS for being afraid to carry out his "order" to upgrade his friend and son simply because of my presence.
The IFS apologised to the Capt profusely in my presence. It was a pathetic sight to see an IFS kowtowing to the Capt.
The Capt told me he had nothing against me. He wanted to charge the IFS for insubordination. If he charged the IFS for insubordination then I told him I would have no other choice but to write a report about the upgrading.
I suspected the IFS was beholden to the Capt for something. I understand they were tennis mates but I never got to find out more about their relationship.
A few days later on the flight back to SIN, the Capt told me he had "forgiven" the IFS and I did not have to write the report.


Anonymous said...

BT, what rank were u holding on the flight? CS? How come they care so much about ur presence (just asking)?

boh tong said...

I was a cabin crew executive (cce)and a management "black ninja" haha..
Why "black ninja"? It was because our uniform was midnight blue (almost black) and we hopped on flights at the last minute w/o the crew knowing. The cce were so very "loyal" and "efficient" and expensive too that SIA decided to pay us off with a "Golden Handshake"...me 25 months last drawn salary. W/o the cce the service has been going down like crazy now. Hope I have answered your question satisfactorily albeit a bit long winded lol

Anonymous said...

lol not long winded at all,

but there are also cce now right? and what u hv described sounds like an IA (inflight auditor) now?

boh tong said...

The current cce do not fly anymore as they are administrators in the office. The ia are now doing the same thing as the cce of the past( actually we were known as cce/ct or cabin crew executive check/training). However the ia are current ifs or inflight supervisors. Ia are non management staff so it's cheaper to keep them than us. As the saying goes "pay peanuts and you will get monkeys" doing the job for you. Now you know why the service standards are declining.