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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why many failed at the cabin crew/flight attendant interview.

As usual,many had failed at the last SIA cabin crew/flight attendant interview. Only a fraction of the couple of hundreds made it. Why did so many wannabes fail to make it?
I can think of these possible reasons:
  • They did not have the personality of a would-be cabin crew.
  • At the first round they gave boring and stereo-types of self-introduction.
  • Their answers were dull and uninteresting to the interviewers.
  • They may have tried to smile to appear pleasant but it was unconvincing.
  • The wannabes did not display the correct attitude towards being a good service provider.
  • Some were over-confident and condemned themselves to failure.
  • Many may have relayed the wrong vibes to the interviewers eg selfish attitude and only caring about one's success.
  • Some simply don't have what it takes to be a cabin crew.
Of course there were many other reasons why so many were not accepted as SIA cabin crew/flight attendant.

SIA is in need of many cabin crew/flight attendant and that's the reason they advertised so very often. The last interview in Singapore was just last weekend and on the following Monday (yesterday) another advertisement was posted on their website.
Although SIA is in desperate need of more crew they would not lower their standards and simply recruit unsuitable people.
One would have to meet the "required" SQ standard to be its cabin crew and nothing less than that.


Anonymous said...

BT, i heard SIA dun need stewards at this point in time. does that mean that male applicants will have very much less chances?

Boh Tong said...

Nope I didn't hear about that.

Anonymous said...

i heard last interview's management round hardly has guys!

Anonymous said...

Guys or male cc is giving a bad image so sia decided not to recruit them whenever possible