Saturday, January 26, 2013

WP's victory at the Hougang by-election 2012

My gut feel is that this scene may be repeated tonight.


Jacky said...

Uncle Boh Tong. Many Singaporeans are disappointed with the current pap leaders. They always like to dismiss netizens' concerns aka Singaporeans as making noise. Increase minimum sum for cpf money. Singaporeans are extremely angry with this unfair practice of holding our cpf money and there are so many rules and charges even when u want to use your medisave for medical expense.But strangely, they don't address all our concerns.Older Singaporeans are luckier especially those who stick to pension scheme.

boh tong said...

The loss of Punggol will wake them up...I hope and if not the GE 2016 will see them losing more seats.