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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Does this comment make sense?

Below is an observation by a crew:

Inflight services, cabin crew division needs total review and revamp. Cabin crew's idea for inflight service is outdated and unproductive. 
To fix a cup of standard tea requires numerous steps and components are located all over the galley. Meal carts are archaic and brakes fail. 
Too many components on a standard lunch/dinner tray. 
Here lies the best opportunity to improve efficiency but many departments refuse to give way. 
Inflight Services under marketing do not see eye to eye. Cabin crew division stuck in time with either old middle aged, pot bellied managers or inexperienced executives hanging on just to be associated with a has been Fortune 500 company. Its too late. The inflection point was passed more than 10 years ago when 747 was dying off. Procedures & equipment mismatched. 
Initiatives discouraged 
Initiatives robbed by promotion hungry colleagues/superioirs 
Uninspired labour representatives 
Punishment hungry managers 
Clueless SVP blinded by balding managers. 

 Better to sell the shares...


Anonymous said...

CC management is lacking in expertise in service know how but also management skills.

Anonymous said...

Come join management and see if you can do a better job.

Blame crew...
Blame Union..
Blame Management...

Well... there are ppl still fly with SQ.

Anonymous said...

"Come join management and see if you can do a better job". said anonymous.

Wah lau now someone from management is in denial.

stories said...

So long as SQ can provide jobs, it's ok.