Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If I were to go before my wife.......

My wife asked me what type of funeral would I want when I passed away. I know it's not a nice thing to talk about death but it's one thing that we can't avoid. We have to face reality.
Therefore, I told my wife not to worry too much about my funeral. This carcass (after death) of mine is not worth all the attention and fuss.

These are the things I would like her to do and not to do after I have gone:
  • No wake (so no business for S'pore casket)
  • No obituary ( no business for ST)
  • No need to notify anyone except my grown up children ( friends save on donation or "pek kim"...some would be delighted)
  • Cremate and throw my ashes into the sea
  • If my wife wishes to, she may keep my ashes.
  • No need to inform my readers as they will know when I've stopped blogging
I wish the above will be carried out because I do not want to inconvenience anyone or member of the public by having long funeral procession or noisy wake.
I wish to go quietly,no fanfare just like the way I came into this world.

My wife was worried if I go before her and not perform all those funeral formalities she would be blamed for not caring nor respecting my last rites.
Therefore, I openly blog about my preferences so she would not be blamed.


Jacky said...

Sad to think we are born to die. Btw, I read its not so good to put ash to sea cause I read of stories that spirits whose ashes were thrown to sea, appeared in their relatives' dream of shivering cold. Just sharing lah.

Boh Tong said...

Ok Jacky I will tell my wife to put "me" in a warm nice cosy place k?

Jacky said...

Ok. :)