Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Silkair's loss for not recruiting good flight attendants

Two girls whom I knew were booted out at yesterday's Silkair cabin crew/flight attendant interview (first round). Naturally they were disappointed. These 2 girls in my opinion are made for more classy airlines than Silkair or any low cost airlines. By not employing them it is Silkair's loss. They are in my opinion, SIA flight attendant material!

My advice to them is to try for SIA or EK and not waste their time with budget airlines.

My reasons are:
  • Low cost airlines do not pay attractive salary ( 1/2 of carriers like SIA, Ek etc).
  • Cabin crew/flight attendant work longer hours
  • Lesser layover/nightstops overseas or none at all like Silkair where all flights are turnaround flights.
  • Budget airlines passengers are more demanding ( pay less fares but expect  to be treated like premium airline passengers)
  • Perks are not attractive as compared to premium airlines.
I suspect Silkair rejected the 2 girls because they were considered "over qualified".
Sometimes budget airlines prefer average girls to be their cabin crew because of their "loyalty". These girls tend to stay longer compared to the "over qualified" ones.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right BT cos Silk Air recruit mostly below average cc. Heard they even go to the extent of employing Pinoy. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

They also employ part time mothers and older gals

Anonymous said...

Boh Tong can we hear your respected views on the proposed 6.9 million population for 2030?

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

6.9 million is too many. The gahmen said the infrastructure will be in placed to contain that many people. However, as Singapore has no natural resources and has to depend largely on external factors eg. the world economy then what will happen to us when the world economy falters? Jobs will be scarce and with 6.9 mil people fighting for a very small piece of pie there will be chaos. The richer immigrants will flee the country. It's scary to think of those scenarios.
I think 4 million is already too many for an island like S'pore. My preferred population is 2.4 million like in 1980 where S'poreans were happier and less stressed. For more go to

Anonymous said...

silkair gt employ pinoys meh?

Mary Sokolowski said...

I saw the comment about Silkair employing Pinoy, and did a little research about Pinoy as I didn't know what a Pinoy is.

Surprisingly , and... much to my amazement, these Pinoys could be good!

I have read this article about them:

It was written by an American professor who traveled around the world meeting Filipinos in every place he went to. Seems like there are so many countries that like to hire Filipino employees. If Silkair would employ them, it might not be a joke. ;)

Anonymous said...

Employing pinoys are not a joke. Pinoys are hardworking, values their job and are committed to their work. Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Oman air, Saudi, Cathay Airlines some of the best and major airlines who even come to the Philippines just to hire Pinoys because they are very much qualified for the job.

SQcc said...

They employ YOU, pinoy coz its cheap labour. *period*

Anonymous said...

Same thing on the 29th June 13 interview. 3 young Pinoys and all others rejected :(

Experienced crews are strict no no.

Anonymous said...

I like Pinoy cabin crew! Good service, polite!

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

The link to population stats above is no longer there. This one is current

Anonymous said...

SilkAir is a premium regional carrier, not a budget airline. please get your facts right