Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Billionaire Classmate, Rashid.

We were from Raffles Institution back in the 1960s. Recently, 23 of us including our teachers had a reunion lunch. Many of us have not met each other since 1963 (exactly 50 years). Many of my classmates are very successful in their careers. Among them are Professor Tan SK, Prof MM, Professor Leong YK, Dr. R. Teo  and many others. Of course not all were present at the event.
The classmate whom we wish we could get in touch is  Rashid Hussain . He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia.
In Sec 4, I remember sitting a few meters away from him in the classroom.  He was a bright and chatty fellow and we assumed he would grow up to be a lawyer.
I think he took up law in England but returned to be a stockbroker. He founded the RHB group which included the Rashid Hussain Bank etc.
Rashid is a billionaire and was married to Robert Kuok's daughter, Sue.
Well done Tan Sri Rashid, we Rafflesians are proud of you!
If you have the time to spare come and join us every last Wednesday of the month for a get-together. Surely, you will like to meet classmates like James Muttiah, Tee Sim, Tiong Ghim, Samuel and many others.


Anonymous said...

BT u were from RI?

boh tong said...

Yes I was from R I? Were u from R I too?

Anonymous said...

then why did u choose to fly? was it a very big thing then?

Boh Tong said...

I didn't do well in my studies and I decided then that with an O level education it would not be too bad to be a steward.

Anonymous said...

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