Thursday, March 7, 2013

Comment from a cabin crew. My reply is in red.

Hi Boh Tong.

Somehow I enjoy reading your blog to update myself (update reading SIA cc circulars not my blog la).
Im not someone who mingles a lot with crew out of work, so I don't get the latest gossips and news etc ( no,no u must try and mix around and kaypoh a bit). But I always know I can turn to your blog to find out insider news (wah me quite reliable with my stories hor?).

Before I was in the job, I always wondered if what you wrote was true, and if you were even a real ex-crew. Then time, and of cos getting into the job, proved things to me ( then u know I was genuinely from cc......"boh how seow boh kong a " hehe ).
I like how you spell out everything openly ( like sometimes I hantum management rite?), though I might not agree with everything you say all the time, I feel that you do share the voice and thoughts of some crew rather accurately (sure..I could feel the pulse beat of the crew).

 I appreciate this job and what it has given me: the opportunities, the exposure and being able to interact with so many different personalities, be it colleagues or passengers..( aiyoo u must not forget to thank SIA nice company).

From your blog I also see the other side of things that I have not realised or heard about yet ( haven't seen or heard yet? more to come ...hehe). And I like that. It's like a peekaboo into the things unknown to me (peekaboo huh?..bit by bit it will be revealed). So please continue blogging, and I will always continue to read your blog ! :) ( arigato, I will continue blogging but if suddenly I stop it means I am gone..hahaha.

With due respect.( u r so polite and appreciative and wish more people are like u..:-)...)


Anonymous said...

Suddenly stop blogging can also mean suddenly got a huge windfall from somewhere and gone off touring the whole world once again, but not as a CC, but as a First Class Pax. No time to blog then. Think Positive.

Boh Tong said...

Wah lau I never think like that. Good point,ya tour the world as a Solitaire pax. Thanks for your suggestion..hmm must buy S'pore Sweep.

Anonymous said...

very sad. I jz broke up with my stewardess gf...
very sad...