Sunday, March 10, 2013

"It's a dog's life" from Edmond my ex-colleague

It is a dog's life but one still could make lots of money in one's spare time. Thanks Edmond and please carry on drawing. Your talent surfaces after your retirement from SIA.


Polly, on behalf of my grandmother, Audrey Morris said...

Mr. Boh Tong, I am not sure if you still remember me. I flew from Singapore to London about 25 - 30 years ago with you at the helm. I was with my husband. I have always been afraid of flying and was so panicky throughout the entire flight. I still remember you as the steward that was so patient with me during the flight, assuring me that everything was alright. You took so much care of me and husband. My husband passed away about 5 years ago, and he still talks about you when I refused to take any flights and what a darling you are. Do you remember me? You delivered champagne to my frustrated husband and specially served me ice cream even after meal times when you found out that was my comfort food. We took a picture when we landed. I will try to find the picture we took together and post it here if that is okay.

Audrey Morris

I am typing this on behalf of my grandmother who has showed me the picture you took onboard the plane. I recognized you from your picture and she is so excited you are writing a blog. She's 73 this year! We will continue to be readers. Stay healthy and continue writing! Thank you.

Newcastle UK

Boh Tong said...

To Dear Mrs Audrey Morris and Polly: Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. I am sorry to hear about your husband.
Its really a small world isn't it that we could still "meet" each other after more than 2 decades?
Please email me the photo to cos I will be thrill to see it.
Thanks to Polly too for writing on your behalf.
Hope to hear from you again.

BT :-)