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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Frequent SIA cabin crew interview...why?

The  SIA flight attendant interviews in SIN are conducted almost every month. It's the same story in Malaysia.
In the first half of this year there will be interviews in Mumbai, Bangalore, Beijing,  Tokyo, Seoul and Taiwan. Click here for details.

There must be an acute shortage of cabin crew in SIA. The attrition rate is 1.5% every month. Yes, around 110 cabin crew leave SIA every month. It is the highest in the history of the airline.

The possible reasons for the high turnover are:
  • Crew leaving for greener pasture
  • Female crew want to start family
  • Some leave to further their studies
  • Fatigue
  • Poor health
  • Low morale
  • Disappointment (they joined thinking stewarding is a glamorous job)
  • Could not adjust to the working environment
  • Could not gel with colleagues
and of course some left due to personal reasons.

SIA finds it difficult to get the replacement of those who left quickly. It takes about 4 months of training before the new crew could start working on the flights. It will take another 6 months before the newbies could contribute effectively to the inflight service. Therefore, there will always be a shortage of cabin crew on almost every flight. When there is a shortage of crew on a particular flight, the other operating crew would have to work much harder.

Getting the right people to be flight attendants is difficult these days. Many capable people shun the job because it is no longer a glamorous one.

The recent news about SIA cutting the crew's take home pay, firing of crew for Facebook postings,whacking crew for the slightest mistakes etc have discouraged many from joining. Sure you may still find long queue of people applying for the job each time SIA advertises on its website. But are these people with good potentials is another question.

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