Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If the appeal fails there is recourse

Do not fret cabin crew because if the company refused to reinstate the 2 flight attendants there is a legal recourse. You may engage a top class lawyer and fight the case.

First thing first, the union must either raise some money internally or use the union's to engage a lawyer. You have 7,500 flight attendants and if each contribute just a small sum of $10, you should be able to raise about $75,000. For this sum, you can definitely get a top class lawyer to help the 2 cabin crew (1 was a steward and the other was a leading stewardess).

If cabin crew has a gutsy union it will go all out to engage the company head-on.
Gambatte cabin crew!

Remember the London Bakery Case? We engaged the best lawyer back then called David Marshal. Click here for the whole story.


Anonymous said...

good that the cabin crew can come together to help each other. its sad that most cabin crew (i didnt say all) slog their ass out to maintain the image of SIA but the company is not giving them as much welfare and treating them not as important now.

Anonymous said...

Even the station manager was sacked for liking the comments on facebook.
Both the flight steward and leading steward were malaysians. Toni refused to help them.
Its unlikely cabin crew will ever come together to help each other, maybe in another 10yrs time.
Resignations have topped at more than 100 crew every month.
Gotta clear the middle mangement people like bald head inidan and frogged eyed idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ya clear the bald head Indian & frog eye, not forgetting the gay clapto & malay Tatu (looks like dwarf from fantasy island)too.

Anonymous said...

Frog eyes, bald head indian, gay,lesbian, malay tatu....looks like a very interesting line up of characters in the department!
Is this a new ECC of the management to entertain the staff?
Thanks for the Wayang !!!