Sunday, March 17, 2013

It may be illegal to fire over Facebook posting

" Reinstatement ordered for employees fired from posting on social networks."....

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Anonymous said...

"2 crew fired over facebook posting"......

Miracles do happen onboard.

As for the stewardess who blew the whistle, wonder what is she trying to achieve?

Karma do takes its' course.

Miscarriage of Justice.


Anonymous said...

Some people are just too naive. Not only will they comply with rules and instructions to the letter, they will also enforce it on others.

Perfect dogs that management love.

A Priscilla in the making

Anonymous said...

Here anything that Mgmt do is legal. Its just the system & many in Mgmt take advantage of that.

Anonymous said...

@ 5year flying junior

Exactly!.. more than 70% of the division ground staff is dedicated to disciplinary functions.

From monitoring MCs to Facebbok postings!

Gosh!.. so unproductive.. its like having the ISD running the business rather than having customer service!