Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Persistent rumour about Freddy Quek

There is a persistent rumour swirling around that Fred has gone. One ex flight attendant called me the other day when I blogged about Fred's departure and he told me it was merely a rumour. However, after some investigation, I found that Fred has been MIA (Missing In Action) for the last 9 years or so. No one, not even his closest friend and batchmate Vijay knew about his whereabouts.

Fred was a great colleague of us. He took the Golden Handshake together with the 18 of us back in 2003. He married a Malaysian stewardess half his age and resided in Penang, Malaysia.

The last time I saw Fred was that year 2003 when we left SIA. Fred was a bubbly and jovial chap who never ceased to make you laugh with his funny jokes.

I know it's not a nice thing to talk about Fred's departure or anyone for that matter unless it's true. But since none of us have heard from him I dare conclude it's a case of MIA, kindly put.

Fred if you are still kicking around, please respond to this message. Leave a comment or something cos we are very very concerned.


Anonymous said...

Ask Jason... he should know.

He is a black belt in karate ( always been an enthusiast)
at S'pore Budokan Karate:

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Boh Tong, I am 159cm and weigh 42.6kg. During my first attempt at the SIA interview, made it through every round except the last round which was the kebaya fitting. It seemed like the management did not put me through because they felt I was too thin. Previously, my weight was 40kg but after much effort; managed to put on another 2kg. May I ask whether there is a minimum BMI to be an SQ stewardess? I hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks from your loyal reader

Anonymous said...

U have posted ur quetion in the wrong place gal! BT won't answer u for sure.

Stories said...

Aiyah, he is hiding with his lovebird

Anonymous said...

Oh ok thanks for pointing it out. May I know where should I post my question then?

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

I think your height & weight is fine. It's just they don't wanna to take you. Try again and I think you will have a good chance.

Ya don't post susch thing here as u r posting under a somber topic about my friend being dead or missing. Be more sensitive

Anonymous said...

Thanks Uncle Boh Tong for your reply. it means a lot..

So sorry I really hope you will hear from your friend at the soonest.

Anonymous said...

you have no EQ or brain to post such question on this post, how to be stewardess?

Anonymous said...

Then again, being brain dead may just help you survive a long career in SQ as a FSS