Monday, March 4, 2013

Stiff-necked senior cabin crew personnel in the office

When this ex colleague of mine (Jaia) complained bitterly to me about how he was treated by the senior cabin crew staff in the office, I had my doubts at first.

Today, I met one of them at the SIA sports club and his behaviour simply reaffirmed Jaya's complaint.
These people working in the office are no strangers to us nor we to them. We knew each other rather well as we were colleagues for 20 to 30 years before  our retirement.

Jaya had left the airlines as a cabin crew executive in 2003. Few days ago, he and his wife a former stewardess visited the SIA Training Centre (our former office) to attend to their young son's graduation (son is now a trainee steward). When he met  an assistant manager whom he knew very well, Jaia was very excited and address him by his first name  but was told to address him as mister so and so (now big shot already).
Jaia on seeing another assistant manager also whom he knew very well, extended his hand but the former refused to return the courtesy. He claimed he was in a hurry to attend a meeting.

This afternoon around 2:15pm, I visited the SIA sports club and almost came face to face with another assistant manager (AM) who was standing outside the club. This AM pretended not to see me and we did not exchange greetings (in the first place why was he at the sports club when he is being paid to work in the office?).

All these AMs were our juniors in SIA. When they were promoted to the cce rank, people like Jaia and I were kind enough to guide and teach them the ropes. Today, they not only avoid but are discourteous to us. It does not bother me a bit but to Jaia it was a shock. Any cabin crew in SIA would know that Jaia was one of the most courteous men in SIA. He was soft-spoken and a gentleman but to be treated by his ex-colleagues in such manager was something he could not understand.

That guy standing outside the sports club was the same guy who asked me to speak to our then svp Sim K.W. (at that time this svp was just transferred to cc) to help promote him to the current rank. After leaving the svp's office that afternoon, he asked me anxiously how were his chances. I gave him the thumbs up sign, meaning everything should be fine.

That guy who refused to shake Jaia's hand was my junior crew before. I helped him in his promotion to the cce (cabin crew executive) rank and today he feels he is superior to everyone else.

I urge the acting svp of cabin crew put some senses in their numb-skull pig-heads.


Anonymous said...

Pay cut,crew morale so low,in-flight service declining,SIA not profitable, SIA shares price down and yet these "old guard non graduate" AMs got the audacity to behave in a inappropriate manner. All should be sacked and their jobs be handed to the younger colleagues!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed all should be retired or booted out. Can't teach old dogs new trick. Useless bols carriers. No substance. CC management is too soft because of the union.

IFS said...

Get rid of these old useless cows and save money instead of cutting cc allowances.

Anonymous said...

That frogged eyed SOB! That Bapok! That Grumbler and attention seeker! All OUT before SIA service will get better!!!

Anonymous said...

frogged eyed must be see,bapok -dirty harry

Anonymous said...

There are aso tat short-necked frog,botak lourdes,lesbians Mic & Lesbian Boeey hahaha....Ag SVP Y pay them big fat salary? kick them out man!

Karma said...

BT all these "UNGRATEFUL A.M." will meet their Karma one day.

Just leave them alone!

On your part you have done well in guiding them to what they are today.

You'll be rewarded spiritually!

Boh Tong said...

Well said Karma and thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Wa lau more fire coming from Bohtong. Can't wait to hear more of these bastards' skeletons which were kept in the cupboard for a long time

Anonymous said...

The Airline will continue to bleed with ALL these balls-carrier, wayang dead-woods around ! It puzzles me why are the Top guys also blinded or they enjoy being Lifted ?

Anonymous said...

Tops guys love their arses to be tickled and the cces and asst managers are only good for this act.

Anonymous said...

In a big organisation like SIA, these AM are really nothing.They are like the gally stewards of the management.They are afraid,humble and chickens in front of the top managements but are arrogrant and bullies toward the junior staff. Mr Ka.... please take note you're one of the main culprit !!!

Tua Suay Mak said...

They cannot be removed.

Its a position that is guaranteed for life. Thats why people claw their way to get there.

Its an exclusive club that looks after each other's interests. The managers are shifted around by upper management and so are the SVPs.

But these SVPs, and managers dont know a thing about cabin work, union engagement and mindsets of crew. They are being fed with incorrect data by these AM.

These AM in turn are controlling new CCEs that join direct from outside. Harry,Buoy and Foo will infuse these newbies to think like them.

Private property Gabriel and Alim will feed SVP with quantitative data. All SVP and managers love quantitative data.

Meanwhile the others will be cowed to toe the line and these will "look after" the auditors... who think they have "arrived" and will want to be included in the elite club.

There are also SCO who appear friendly. These are spies that will gather qualitative feedback about others within their hearing.
Queen Elizabeth still holds court during breakfast coffee/tea in the canteen. Smokers will be outside near the car park, while the drinks are being ordered.

Its a ritual. Look out for rituals. Humans need rituals for bonding and acceptance. Sit and observe.... then again after this comment, it may go underground.

Yet people do not change and after a while, the ritual will resurface.. perhaps at a different location.

Yes, they really do not change, as experienced by BT. They are all of false character and they must be approached with great caution. Be the first to open fire or you will regret it. Otherwise make sure you have bullet proof vest... question is: who gave you that vest??

ASk yourself: why didn't any of them (AM) move to other divisions to further their careers? Are they not good enough? Or to other companies outside of SQ?

Yeah.. think about it.

Anonymous said...

Not taking sides, but there's always 2 sides to everything. My friend who is a steward had a senior steward who always took sides with the girls, acted like bossy senior. My friend had to pretend to like the senior. When the senior left the airline, my friend met him outside and ignored him. I think that's natural normal human behaviour, although it is good to forgive and forget. Yours may be a different situation because you helped him to get promo, but maybe you unintentionally angered him in some other ways back then, that's why he ignored you.

Anonymous said...

Only one word to use.... ungrateful.

Many chances..

Anonymous said...

Isn't CC exactly like Animal Farm??/