Friday, March 1, 2013

Better dinning experience by ex Flight Attendant.

Set Lunch Menu: (we did not order from the a la carte menu to make it easier for the service staff)

curry chicken....gula melaka or or tea
curry fish..........gula melaka  or or tea or tea

I was invited to have lunch with my ex-classmates (there were 12 of us) in one of the most fashionable and prestigious clubs in Singapore (a few of my mates are members of this club).
Just to show how particular this club is, the dress code is almost formal  eg. no jeans or denim material allowed, no tee shirts,no sandals etc.
Mobile phones must be muted and all calls must be answered outside the club proper blah blah blah...

However, when it comes to dinning service, it was way way below standard. The waiters and waitresses had no clue as what constitute a good service. Perhaps, they were not well trained or perhaps they do not care two hoots about the service. Most of the waiting staff were foreigners.
Taking meal orders and serving them was chaotic and poorly organised.

They simply asked how many were having the curry chicken or curry fish or the Western menu and how many having what types of desserts and hot beverages. They scribbled them down on what appeared to be meal order pads.

When the meals were ready and it was time to serve us, the service staff would bring them to us and asked ..." who is having the chicken, who is having the fish blah blah..."  We had to ask one another who was having what and directed the staff to the right diners.
It was the same scenario when it was time to have our desserts and beverages.
The service was a shamble. It would be alright if it is an ordinary restaurant or cafe.... but not in a supposedly fashionable club.
Knowing where I came from,some of my classmates suggested I offer my service to the club. I, jokingly told them this club would not be able to pay for my expertise.

The solution is a simple one. The diagram above showed there were 12 diners  (pardon my drawing) and the bottom diagram showed the preferred meal/dessert/coffee/tea orders being scribbled above the diners. In this manner, the service staff would not forget who asked for what. As one diner is being served, strike out the order and carry on repeating the sequence until everyone is served. In this way, the staff would not have to asked the dinners what his order was.

cc = curry chicken
cf  =  curry fish
w = western menu
GM = gula melaka
F = friuts
D = desserts for western menu
c  = coffee
t   = tea


Anonymous said...

BT your technique is simple and easy to follow and yet the staff did not use it. I can imagine how chaotic your lunch service was.

Boh Tong said...

Yes it's common sense come to think of it. SIA cabin crew are well versed with this system.

Anonymous said...

I used to wait at table when I was studying in the US 20 yrs ago and I have been using this method at that time. The guests were impressed with my memory when I remembered what they ordered. Nevertheless, some guests are real a&$hole and refused to tip but there are some who tips generously.