Saturday, March 16, 2013

This flight attendant loves the aircaft food

Pampered by the airlines, Ah Pui (Fatty)has put on many kilos of weight. Nevertheless, Pui loves the aircraft food and he does not mind if the LMA (location meal allowances) has been slashed downwards so long as the airline allows him to eat as much as he wants on his flights. Pui is determined to stay on the job until he retires at 62 years of age. The airlines should have more of this type of appreciative steward.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just came back from a trans pacific flight (SQ competitor). It already has iPad style inflight video on demand system. Everything is point, click or drag on the screen. One less console to crowd the seat. What happen to SIA's state of the art equipment? The only way to go one step ahead is to have 3D screen lah! On my return flight, they got rid of the menu card all together - the menu were displayed on the screen in multiple languages - save paper and printing cost. What I was served for economy class dinner: 2 salads, 1 fruit portion, 1 fish portion, 1 main course (rice + 2 dishes in porcelain tray), warm bun, hot drink and wine, Haagen Daz ice cream. Compared to SQ I get 1 more salad, 1 more fish and bun with higher temperature.

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Thanks for the feedback.Hope SIA will have a look at your comment and do something constructive.

Anonymous said...

Alamak... way back in 1990, when CMIV Hi8 system was launched on the 747, I had suggested to display the menu in EY through the projectors.

Save time, printing and it would have been a "first" for SQ. But as usual, AOs shot the idea down. Saying it was not SQ policy to reduce contact time with customers.
What that meant was they wanted the FSS to constantly walk the aisles.

Any other way was thumped down. AOs that thumped these ideas were:


Crew had lots of ideas but they were all filtered and thumped down. ONly after some years later that these scheming AOs will reintroduce them as though the ideas were their own!!.

An example:

The Crew rest bunks on the 747 were labeled as #1854B FWD or 1854B AFT etc. I found it too onerous and suggested that they relabel them simply as bunk #1, #2, #3 etc for easy identification ( for the purpose of recording defects )

This idea was shot down:

" Boeing has already designated the bunks with part numbers, it is not necessary to adopt such a practice as it will add to confusion with maintenance manuals."

But in the next year, all the bunks were quietly relabeled to guess what?... #1, #2, #3..

Message to all crew:

Keep your ideas to yourself and apply it to your own business. SQ is a big boy and dont need you to contribute. If they do ask.. then do yourself a favour.. who is asking.

Stories said...

I don't mind if they slash all the allowances and put me in cheap hotels; and allow me to eat as much as I want and sleep as much as I want on board.

Anonymous said...

Stories you are a greedy pig!