Thursday, March 28, 2013

We welcome outsiders let alone ex staff.

We welcomed visitors to our cabin crew office as well as the air plane mock-ups. We will escort them around and explained to them how training was carried out. Visitors were at liberty to snap pictures of the office,the trainers,trainees and the training centre.

The above was done because we were proud of what we were doing. No, no
the visits were allowed even after September 11. As long as the visitors had permission to visit our training centre and office, they were always welcome.

Now things seem to have changed. Even if one is an ex-staff or crew, one is not given the liberty to visit one's former office. Even when an ex-staff has permission to attend to some legitimated matters ( entry pass issued by security) in the cabin crew vicinity, the cabin  crew staff would not welcome them. If the ex-staff were to just visit his former workplace,his ex-colleagues in the office would not extend a welcoming hand.

It is really strange. I can understand if the place is under tight security or out of bounds to anyone who is not working there because of some secret development of "Star Wars' Lightsabers weapons or the likes. But it is a place just like any ordinary office.

Well, well people do change. However, if the changes are for the better they are fine but they are not.

From being the best in inflight service it has now slipped down to number four.
It's no longer an airline with the service which "other airlines talk about" but rather an airline which no one really admire anymore.

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Anonymous said...

BT you always amaze me with your attitude of "Championing the Under Dogs"

It is a good feeling to right the wrongs is not it?

Anonymous said...

Does being No1 really matter???

Anonymous said...

Ask SIA management that question. FYI they will be beating their chests if the ratings go down from first to second.

Anonymous said...

Its the donkeys sitting there now that create this current situation.

Anonymous said...

Not only donkeys but old frustrated lesbians,low-esteemed ah kua and inexperienced managers contributed to the current situation.