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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yes, SIA is a considerate employer.

Whatever it is, I think SIA is a good company after all. It has reinstated the 2 Facebook crew and that was a kind gesture. Like it or not, the posting on the 2 crew Facebook was offensive and warranted a sack.

13 cabin crew were fired by Virgin for Facebook postings and they never got their job back.

We don't really care whether it was the union or the crew's petition that helped to get the 2 crew back. The fact of the matter is that the 2 boys are back flying.

Very few of us would understand the relief the 2 got after being told they were reinstated. Very few of us are able to empathise with them when they were fired.
But in the end I think SIA has been good enough to reinstate the 2 boys.

As for Jaia's son case, I think the warning letter will be withdrawn. It is only a matter of time. I know how this division operates.

Let's move on and see what's in store for the company and cabin crew division.

BT: I am not saying that cc is perfect. It is not, it has its flaw especially in the middle management area. I am confident the top management people knows what is going on and they can fix it. Give them time.


Anonymous said...

Give them time?

They had enough time since 2008 to review work process and procedures.
But they choose to focus on behaviour instead.

Behaviour is subject to perceptions and perceptions is based on belief and trust.

No one believes the union or management anymore. Everyone looks over their shoulders for fear of being reported. Middle managers have cultivated a vigilante corps.

SQ have recruited people with X factors but these have turned into predators over time.

SQ Shareholder said...

Because of what Bohtong said SIA share should cross the $11 mark after a long wait. Hurray!

Anonymous said...

U sure top management can fix it? Are they very capable themselves? Unfortunately its a singaporean culture - meritocracy has brought us far but has cultivated a 'self before others' attitude, not my biz dun care and only do it if it will benefit me.