Sunday, April 14, 2013

At 43 she wants to be a cabin crew with SIA

"I am a very hard working and diligent woman n I really need your help to prepared and help me to build my confident to go for the interview.

I would appreciate you for an advise and do u think I still need to sign this course or do you think I should give up this as my dreamt job as SIA Cabin Crew".

Above is part of the email sent to me by a 43 years old cabin crew wannabe. She wants me to coach her and does not mind paying me $400 for the 3 hour session.
I feel sorry for her and had asked her not to waste her money knowing her chances of being employed is almost zero.

In contrast, below is a sms or text message from a young lady who passed the recent SIA cabin crew interview after attending my talks.

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