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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ex-steward sentenced to 3 years for stabbing his wife

Hey do you happen to know about the case of a steward who stabbed his wife in Sengkang area last year? It was reported in yesterday's ST that he is sentenced to 3 years jail. Why did he did such a rash act huh? They said he suspected his wife was cheating on him while he was away on flight. But still,you can't stab your spouse just for that.
His lawyer said he was mentally sick or depressed rather. I hope the whole thing didn't happen because of the stress he received from his job.
He should thank his lucky star that the sentence was only 3 years. He could have kena at least 6 years in prison. His lawyer was Subash Anandan who happened to be our ex chief steward's brother Suresh. Ya the one who died in the SQ 006 crash in Taipei more than a decade ago.

Hope this ex steward will be a better person after the 3 years of confinement. It will give him time to reflect on his past action and repent.

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