Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flight Attendant Hotel Stories

It's quite frequent (for early morning arrivals) for the crew to arrive at the overseas hotels after a long tired flight to be told that the hotel rooms were not ready for them. The hotel staff would estimate and liaise with the IFS when the rooms would be ready for the crew. Most of the time, one room would be released to the crew at a time.
It would take 1 to 2 hours for the whole set of crew to get their rooms. Understandably the tired crew would be extremely upset.

As a compensation, the hotels would give the crew free breakfast in the hotel restaurants. By doing this, the hotel would have appeased the crew.

The reasons the crew had to wait for the rooms are usually due to over bookings of rooms especially during the summer time when tourism is at its peak.
The rooms would be cleaned when the other guests check and then allocated to the crew. Standard check out time is around 11am and check in is usually 2pm. The timing varies for different hotels.

If the crew arrives at the hotel say at 7 am or even an hour or 2 later, by right, the hotel could only release the rooms at the official check in time which is 2pm.
However due "contract guests", the hotel would allow the crew to check in even as early as 7 am if the rooms are available.
Therefore, the compensation of giving the crew free breakfast is done with goodwill. The crew must not demand for compensation even if the rooms are not available to them after 2 pm or the official check in time. The matter should be reported to the company by the IFS.

To prevent the crew for having to wait for their rooms, the airline could "pre-book" the crew rooms. However, this action would incur extra cost and most airlines do not practise this.

In very rare cases, the hotels may experienced overbooking and the staff inadvertently "sold" the crew's rooms to other guests. Under this circumstance, the hotels may offer to check the crew into another hotel or pay monetary compensation.

I wanna talk about the latter which is the monetary compensation.
Some years ago, a hotel in Europe "sold" half of the crew's rooms to other guests. They negotiated with the crew and managed to get the crew to bunk in with each other. The crew was paid cash for the "co-operation".

A few weeks later, the office came to know about the case. Someone blew the whistle and more than half a dozen crew of the crew involved in the case were given a warning by a manager.

Under no circumstances must a crew accept payment for forgoing her room. The crew were told they would be fired if they repeat the same act.

Hotel ghost stories

As far as I am concerned, I have not had the experience of encountering any or came face to face with a ghost whether it was in a hotel or any other places.
The so called most scary experience for me was the like someone "pushing my chest downwards" when I tried to get up from my bed. It was more of a physical thing than a ghostly encounter. It happened in a London hotel. When I told my crew about my experience, a few stewardesses told me the room I slept in was haunted. They had bad experiences in that same room. In fact, they predicted I would be having ghostly encounters in that room.

I have heard of stories of crew having bad experiences in haunted hotel rooms.
There was a crew who found himself sleeping next to a "beautiful and perfumed scented woman" in a Japanese hotel. He did not realised it until he turned over and seemingly rolled over the woman. She let out a loud high pitch scream and floated away through the door. From that night onwards that crew never slept alone in hotel rooms.

Another crew answered a knock on his door. On opening his door, he saw an old haggard housekeeper. She wanted to clean his room but it was late in the night.
When the old lady left without cleaning his room, he realised she was not walking  but floated away like you see ghosts and fairies in movies floating in the air.

There were many ghost stories experienced by the crew at various hotels but I for one do not believe there is such a thing as ghost. It is all in the mind.

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