Monday, April 29, 2013

JKT (Jakarta) flight is bestest!

Each time Andy picked up his new roster he would smile quietly to himself. He knew that in each new roster of his would be at least 2 JKT night-stop flights. It was the same for Fran,Sue,Jim, Ahmad and many others.
These were cabin crew from Q Air. They were dedicated crew on the regional run of the A310. It was not by choice (except for a few) they were on the regional routes. They earned less than their counterparts on the B747. They had very few and short night-stops and JKT was one of them. But what's so good about the JKT night stops?

JKT was a golden goose to the A310 crew. There were lots of illegal activities. There were gold smuggling (will talk about this later), smuggling of branded goods as well as illegal tradings.
At the head of these illegal operations were 2 chief pursers. They made money (commissions) from all the transactions their colleagues carried out.
Lets call them chief pursers A & B. They volunteered to stay on the A310 fleet and the company gladly agreed due to shortage of such crew. They spent years on the A310 fleet and were dubbed as the A310 PRs or permanent residents.

Who were the people or establishment that made used of these crew? Well, besides the 2 chiefs A & B, there was a shop in the downtown area known as The House of Tiong (not real name) or HOT.
Each time before the crew operated their JKT flight they would make a beeline for HOT. They would collect parcels of branded jeans,clothings,shoes etc and bring them to a big retail shop in JKT.

We believe hidden in the parcels were drugs meant for JKT. The crew unwittingly carried drugs for the syndicates thinking the parcels contain branded clothings.But this was never proven or known to the crew who smuggled the "parcels" into JKT.
The money the crew earned from HOT were "peanuts" so to speak.

Each crew would make a couple of hundred dollars a month. It was good money and "easily" earned, so they thought.

As far as I know, Andy and Fran squandered their earnings in the JKT casinos,horses and football bettings. The others saved and a few bought apartments and cars.

It's odd to think the JKT customs did not stop these crew. It was said that those branded stuff the crew brought with them weren't contraband. This could have been the reason the JKT customs allowed them to bring in the goods.

One day,the IRS people raided HOT due to income tax issue. In the operation to whack HOT they also found about the crew's activities. IRS reported the matter to the authorities. This action resulted in Andy,Fran,Sue and others being charged and fined in court. They lost their job with Q Air.

BT: I will be coming up with the story of chief pursers A & B soon.


Anonymous said...

Qantas? Qatar?

SQ crew said...

Nope it's not but add an S to it.BT din wanna mention names cos he can kena sued.

Anonymous said...

oh then chief pursers mean the IFS?

Boh Tong said...

chief purser = chief steward