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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Unforgettable first a newbie stewardess.

Rick took out a bottle of whisky which he swiped from the aircraft bar, from a plastic bag. He placed it on my table and called room service for a bucket of ice. He acted cool and took out the check report from his file.
All this while, Rick did not say anything to me. He made himself at home,in my room. He acted as though he was the boss and in perfect control of the situation.
He kicked off his shoes and laid down on the sofa.
I could not take the silence anymore and so I asked him who was he going to drink his whisky with.
He pointed his index at me without saying anything.
"Me, why me?" I asked.
" We both gonna celebrate your first solo flight together", Rick finally broke his silence.
The room service waiter brought the ice cubes and a few glasses and Rick signed the bill and tipped him a dollar which he picked from my bedside table.
After the waiter had left,Rick opened the bottle of whisky and poured into two glasses. He then filled the half full glasses of whisky with ice.
He gesture a bottle of water toward me and I nodded. Then,he filled up my glass with water.
Rick drank his whisky on the rocks and I drank my whisky with ice and water.
He asked me questions pertaining to my flight,in between sips of his drink.
After about thirty minutes of Q&A, Rick filled up the appraisal form and handed to me.
It was a very good check report and I was asked to sign it. I did as I was told.
We carried on drinking and almost finished the whole bottle of whisky.
By 11 pm. Rick was 'high' and I could see that I was the better drinker. I was still as steady as a rock but not him.
Then, something happened as expected. He put his arms around me but I kept pushing him away. I made him drink more and I knew by this time he was a lame duck. I felt safe because I was still sober whereas he was already pissed.
Rick could not even walked and balanced himself properly but he still tried to hold and kissed me.
I gave him a push and he fell to the floor.
The next thing I knew, there was blood spurting from his forehead. He injured himself when he fell and I saw a cut on his forehead.
Cool as a cucumber,I called reception and within 5 minutes,two hotel staff rushed to my room with a first aid kit.
By this time,Rick was losing consciousness due to loss of blood.
One staff attended to the cut while another called the ambulance.
Within the next hour, Rick landed himself in a hospital. He was kept under observation due to the head injuries.
The next day,the flight for SIN left without Rick.

BT:  The above story was by a stewardess.


Anonymous said...

well if i am not wrong, this Cheapo maniac was eventually sacked right ?

Anonymous said...

Sacked for molesting another fss

Anonymous said...

Bugsy Ricky

Anonymous said...

sounds like he was the one with the famous Q " if I were not married, would you marry me ? "