Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Now a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines.

A female candidate failed her SIA cabin crew interview sometime ago. She was rudely treated by her interviewer. She felt insulted to the point she told me she was not going to apply for the job anymore.

At that point of time, she had not attended my "Talks". However, she managed to contact me through email and complained bitterly about the treatment she had received. I offered her a listening ear when we met later on. She told me the interviewer accused her of faking her smiles and attended a course to prepare for the interview. The interviewer then booted her out.

After a while and still not satisfied with the outcome of her last attempt at the interview she asked me to coach her.
I could see the potential in her. She was pretty and sweet. She had  good complexion and spoke well. She was the SIA girl in the making and I expected her to get into the airlines. She was like a raw diamond and all it needed was a little polishing.

After the coaching, she applied for the SIA cabin crew job again. It was her 3rd or 4th attempt. She applied all that I've told her and passed with flying colours.

Today, she is happily flying with SIA. She is so service-oriented that she won many accolades from her seniors and passengers.

I am truly proud of her and I am quite sure she will be reading this.

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