Friday, April 5, 2013

Serving food & drinks to pilots

On every SQ flight, there is always an assigned flight attendant to attend to the pilots' need for F & B.
The pilots may ask for drinks as many time as they want to but they have to be considerate. They have to bear in mind how busy the cabin crew is with their passengers.
The cc are instructed to attend to them at least once every 40 minutes during the flight.
As for food the pilots may eat at any time (for economy meals) even when the aircraft is on ground. Once after take-off, they may have the business class meals at any time during the flight. For first class meals, the pilots would have them after all the first class paxs have eaten. Reason is due to the limited supply of first class food.

A considerate pilot would not keep ring the bell and ask for drinks that are difficult or would take more time to prepare eg cappuccino, honey lemon tea etc.
The pilots should realised that the cabin crew are on board to serve the paxs and not them. Therefore, they have to appreciate the cabin crew and not order them around.

BT: If the cc's job is to serve the pilots then  on the freighter/cargo flights SQ should at least roster a cc to serve the pilots.
FYI there is an ongoing dislike for the pilots by cc especially those who treat the cc like their "maids". Some and I am NOT saying the majority of the pilots are unreasonable and think they are "god's gift" to flying. They do not realised that they are glorified drivers. I am sure this is the same feelings the cc of other airlines have towards their pilots too.


Anonymous said...

those days...

Boh Tong said...

Thanks for the link :-)

Anonymous said...

So on SIA Cargo flights, since there is no pax, the stewardess is very free and the pilots can spend a lot of time with the stewardess hor?

Anonymous said...

if pilots are glorified drivers, then cc are high class waiters/waitresses.