Friday, April 26, 2013

X Airline on verge of bankruptcy.

They wanna be SQ Gals here

Some years back, one up and coming cash rich airline ( let's call it x airline) advertised in Singapore for flight attendants. X wanted to tap the Singapore market for it's cabin crew. They did not mind recruiting ex SQ cabin crew.

I was one of the ex SQ cabin crew who applied for the in flight supervisor post.
There many ex crew at the interview (held in S'pore) too.

During the interview, X found me suitable to be their ifs and told me they would email me the the contract. I was supposed to be based in their home country.

One of my ex-colleagues (V) was also successful at the interview. He was promised the S'pore station manager position.

X over the next few days also recruited many cabin crew wannabes, both male and female.

V and I were asked to volunteer our assistance in the interviewing process. They recognised our ability to conduct cabin crew interview. We used to conduct many interviews when we were with SQ.

I turned X's request down but V gladly volunteered to help in the interviews as well as to assist in other areas.

After the completion of a series of interviews, X's interviewing management staff left S'pore for KL.

Over the next few weeks, V was assigned more duties from the management people from X airlines.  V's duties included liaising and sending the newly recruited junior crew for their medical check up in S'pore. About a dozen junior crew were recruited.

After  the medical, the newbies flew to X airline's home base and started their training.

V emailed X's and asked about the job that was promised to him. We were still waiting for our contracts from X. There was no emails nor letters from X airlines.

There was no reply from X even till today about the jobs that were promised us.

These few days, I have been reading in the press and over the Internet about X being on the verge of bankruptcy due to huge losses and big debts. I also read one major airline is now helping X to remain afloat with injection of funds.

From my experience with X, it was easy for me to conclude it was a poorly run airline with unethical management staff.


Anonymous said...

X deserves to be bankrupt for its dirty & cheap tactics played on Boh Tong & V.

Anonymous said...

Cheap Skates airlines deserves to be folded up if not for Etihad.

Anonymous said...

which airline? is it A B C D E F G H I * ?

Anonymous said...

The power of KARMA!


Anonymous said...

Jet Air!