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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ex steward released from Changi prison

King Rat (KR) has just been released from serving 5 months in prison for CBT or "criminal breach of trust". He was an ex steward whom we have given the nickname "King Rat" even before he was jailed in Changi.

One of the first things KR did when he was released, was to text me a message. We have been good friends even after we left the airlines. He cheated out of necessity he once told me and now had to pay the price.

He described to me about his life in prison. KR had lost 10 kg during his 5 month stay there. Because of his medical condition, KR was spared the laborious prison work. He spent his time reading books in the prison library almost everyday while his inmate friends have to toil in the hot sun.

Because of his likable personality, the officers and inmates took a liking to him. KR told me he put into practice what he was taught in the airline and as a result he won the hearts of many in the prison. He was treated with respect by the inmates who were molesters,loan sharks,cheats, gangsters etc. He would entertain his cell mates by telling airline stories.

After the 5 month prison term, KR was put under a home detention program which allowed him to be released and stay at home. He wears an "ankle monitor" around his ankle and is allowed only 3 hours a day to leave his home. If he is found to violate the  detention rule he will be imprisoned at Changi again.
KR jokingly told me the "monitor" is a Rolex watch given for his good behaviour.
His home detention is for 5 months. After that he is a free man again.

I would probably be meeting up with KR in the next few days and will try to gather more interesting news about life in the prison from him.

BT: King Rat used to drive this type of cars in his heydays.

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